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Katiana Vilá


Debut album coming soon

Musical Journey

Katiana Vilá is a vocalist, percussionist, songwriter and producer from the California Bay Area. Her music fully encompasses her ever-growing love of Spanish and Latin traditional music and her west coast upbringing. She enjoys creating and interpreting songs on the Colombian Cuatro, and plays a variety of Latin and Spanish percussion. She is extremely passionate about Latin American folk and popular music and Spanish folk and flamenco and has dedicated her adult life to travelling and studying extensively for the past 17 years.  She has taken all these elements blending multiple genres and styles to create her own unique world. Her sound serves as a bridge between her ancestral roots and her Californian upbringing. She is a recent graduate from the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain where she received her Master's in Music Production and Performance and with her newfound skills is ready to keep creating more music and learning how to fine tune her capabilities as a self-producing and performing  artist all over the world.

Tu Voz

Tu Voz

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