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Katiana Vilá, is a modern, global, folk and latin vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Northern California. Vilá is of Cuban, Colombian and Dutch descent but after having lived, studied and performed in places like Brazil, Nicaragua, and Spain to name a few, her repertoire, style and flair are that of a true citizen of the world. Following her unique path has led her to build a one of a kind artistic expression that incorporates elements from Latin folk, samba, salsa, son, r n b, flamenco and American singer song-writers to create a soulful, emotional sound that emits deep feeling and panache. Her sound is a true testament to being a student and practitioner of a vast range of styles and diverse instruments from across the globe. 


Outside of her experiences in the international community, Katiana also identifies as a child of the San Francisco Bay Area, where she first began to play as a professional musician. She discovered her singing voice at 5-years-old and began to form part of several musical theater productions in the north bay in her teenage years. Later she went on to study Spanish literature and Latin American History and began performing as a vocalist with the San Francisco State Afro-Cuban ensemble in 2008. 


Singing, playing the cuatro and various Latin percussion instruments, Vilá went on to collaborate with a number of popular Bay Area groups and projects,  Annette Aguilar and the string beans, La Gente, LoCura, Oakland Samba Revue, Santos Perdidos, and many others. Vilá has played on stages at the San Francisco Carnaval and the Sierra Nevada Music Festival and has opened for acts like Ana Tijoux, Ile, and La Santa Cecilia among others. 


Vilá’s years-long journey as a professional musician propelled her to aquíre her Masters in Music at the Berklee school of Music in Valencia, Spain. While there, she was finally able to put together a years- long working collection of independently written and produced songs to create her forthcoming first-ever solo studio album entitled Libérate. 


Listeners can expect to hear Vilá’s sonic and personal journey through her candid storytelling and eclectic style in her inaugural album. It is rhythmic, melodic, folk-like and rooted in every detail of her global journey as a student and performer of world music. From internal struggles to self liberation listeners get an intimate look into Katiana’s beautiful, and well crafted 12-years-long  musical manifesto and all of the complex emotions, revelations, and celebrations that came along with it. 


Released on March 15, 2023, Libérate promises to delight audiences everywhere. Outside of singing and playing instruments, Vilá enjoys performing and practicing dance, including flamenco, timba, and Afro-Cuban styles.  This is just the beginning of her artistic journey in the music world. She is currently working as a songwriter and performer in the San Francisco Bay Area and continues to travel globally to connect and build community with other artists and musicians around the world. 

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